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HPTec... more than just a Technology Center

Worldwide our HPTec technology centers are
accessible to our customers. Here highy-qualified                                                                
application engineers are working on

- new developments of tools
- new geometries for drills and routers
- process optimisations for customers
- parameter recommendations for new materials
- coatings (PVD, CVD)
- solid carbide tests
- base material tests

Latest machine technology:

Test machine for drilling and routing tests for Printed Circuit Board tools (PCB) and test machine for routing tests for Micro Cutting Tools (MCT), for example dental applications

2 spindles with air bearings,
drilling spindle max. speed 300 000 1/min
routing spindle max. speed 125 000 1/min
routing spindle max. speed 80 000 1/min
- process optimisations
- solid carbide tests

Latest technologies are used in the development department, such as:

- newest spindle technologies with speeds up to 300 000 1/min
- scanning electrobeam microscope for assessment of tools (magnification: 2,500 x)
- routing machine for dental applications
- transmitted light viewer
- 3D CNC measuring machine
- grinding laboratory for cross-section polish
- modern CAD workplace for constructions 

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HPTec... more than just a Technology CenterHPTec...-more-than-just-a-Technology-CenterHPTec...-more-than-just-a-Technology-CenterHPTec...-more-than-just-a-Technology-Center

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