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HPTec... more than just production

On an area of about 15.000 square metres HPTec
produces tools of 0.05 - 7.00 mm in diameter.
Machines of the newest technology are used
at all production sites.

Made by HPTec - worldwide.

Your demand for quality is our obligation.

HPTec... more than just productionHPTec...-more-than-just-productionHPTec...-more-than-just-productionHPTec...-more-than-just-production

Production facilities in Ravensburg / Germany

approx. 20 kilometres away from Lake Constance

Newest production procedures with automatic adjustment of production machines and 100% quality check of tools during the production process.


Production facilities in Ravensburg / GermanyProduction-facilities-in-Ravensburg-/-GermanyProduction-facilities-in-Ravensburg-/-GermanyProduction-facilities-in-Ravensburg-/-Germany

Production facilities in Kunshan / China

approx. 40 kilometres away from Shanghai

Production China

Production facilities in Kunshan / ChinaProduction-facilities-in-Kunshan-/-ChinaProduction-facilities-in-Kunshan-/-ChinaProduction-facilities-in-Kunshan-/-China


HPTec GmbH
Im Karrer 6
D-88214 Ravensburg

Tel. +49 751 / 7669 - 0
Fax +49 751 / 7669 - 139

Catalogues, General Terms and Conditions of Business and REACH regulation
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