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HPTec... more than just Tool Management
LEVEL 1 – Terminal Version (Software)
PC with hand scanner for manual stock management.
Capacity: unlimited.
Boxes as well as euromagazines can be stocked.


LEVEL 2 – Small Tool Organizer (STO)
PC with hand scanner and Small Tool Organizer.
Combination of manual und semi-automatic stock management.
Capacity: up to 15.600 tools
Up to 60 different articles



LEVEL 3 – Tool Organizer (TO)
Fully automatic stock management.
Capacity: more than 71.000 tools
More than 7.000 different articles


 All tool management systems can be supported online by HPTec. 

HPTec... more than just Tool ManagementHPTec...-more-than-just-Tool-ManagementHPTec...-more-than-just-Tool-ManagementHPTec...-more-than-just-Tool-Management

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