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Learn more about our tools and solutions for improving processes, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Please find our latest reports here %%% with test analyses, test results and more technical information about our tools.

At the moment the following reports are available:

New router for steel up to 55 HRC type RBR 210  
New drill type 271  
New router for CoCr-alloys type RGR 470  
New drill for the processing of high frequency applications, Roger-materials and Teflon type 543  
New router for the processing of non-ferrous metal type 821  
Newly developed micro cutting tools for CFRP / GRP applications  
New routers RLK 100 and RPK 100 for machining aluminium  
Enlargement Microvia drill type 596  
New high performance router type 756  
New drill type 243  
Drilling test type 242  
Tool management system  
Flex-rigid and flex machining  
V-groove cutter type 801  
Machining of aluminium  
Countersink type 850  
Diamond-coated router type 790  
Machining of aluminium without cooling system type 891   
Drill for high speed drilling spindles type 532  
Routers for depanelling type 782  

 We are pleased to send you our reports. Please contact us via sales@hptec.de

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